The Ultimate Guide to Cherry Blossoms in China – A World Full of Colours 

Cherry Blossoms

Get ready for a journey to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms in China – a spectacle that transforms landscapes into dreamlike visions. Here’s your guide to a picture-perfect experience. 


Cherry blossoms have a way of capturing hearts around the world with their fleeting, delicate beauty. While Japan often steals the spotlight for these pink-and-white wonders, China, with its historical roots and diverse landscapes, also presents an opportunity to enjoy some breathtaking cherry blossom displays. From the ancient gardens of Suzhou to the modern cityscapes of Beijing, each location offers a unique backdrop for these beautiful blossoms. 

Where to See Cherry Blossoms 

These are some of the best places to see cherry blossoms in China: 

  • Beijing: Yuyuantan Park in Beijing is a destination that comes alive in a spectacular bloom of colours with its annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Home to nearly 2,000 cherry trees, encompassing a wide array of varieties, this park transforms into a breathtaking picture of pinks and whites that draws visitors from near and far. The prime time to immerse yourself in this floral wonderland is from March to April. It’s during these months that the cherry blossoms reach their peak, with mid-April often being the most spectacular period.
  • Kunming: Looking for things to do in Kunming? Well, Kunming’s Yuantongshan Park is a must-visit for anyone with a love for cherry blossoms. In spring, this park becomes a mesmerising vision, with a blend of Yunnan Cherry Trees and Japanese Cherry Trees. The sight of these trees bursting into a sea of pinkish flowers is something you won’t see elsewhere. 
  • Shanghai: Gucun Park in Shanghai is a paradise for cherry blossom lovers, boasting a stunning collection of over 10,000 cherry trees spanning 28 different species. This park is a destination that comes to life in a riot of colours during the cherry blossom season.
  • Wuhan: More than just a centre of learning, Wuhan University is a haven for cherry blossom admirers. There are around 1,000 cherry trees, showcasing more than 10 different species, set against the backdrop of this prestigious educational institution.

Where to Stay for the Best Experience 

When you’re planning your cherry blossom adventure in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Wuhan, or Qingdao, choosing a stay close to the blossom sites can enhance your experience. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about experiencing the beauty of the season from the moment you wake up to when you call it a night. Each of these cities offers a spectrum of accommodation options, ranging from high-end hotels to quaint guesthouses. If you’re looking forward to enjoying the cherry blossom season in Kunming, for instance, you’ll find modern hotels offered by Park Hotel Group. 

When to See Cherry Blossoms 

The cherry blossom season in China is a fleeting but magnificent period that typically spans from late March to late April. However, the exact timing of this floral spectacle can shift a bit each year.

To catch the blossoms at their peak, a bit of planning goes a long way. Keep an eye on local forecasts and seek out blossom reports for the areas you’re planning to visit. This way, you can time your trip just right. 

Remember, the cherry blossom season is unpredictable, so staying informed with the latest local updates can help you make the most of your visit. 

How to Tell the Difference 

Cherry blossoms offer a fascinating world of variety and beauty. Each type of cherry blossom is distinguished by subtle differences in colour, petal shape, and the way they bloom. 

Take the Shidare-zakura, for example. This variety is known for its elegant, drooping branches adorned with pink flowers, creating a whimsical effect that’s simply captivating. The Kanzan cultivar, on the other hand, is a showstopper with its double pink flowers that look like clouds of petals.

The Yaezakura is a variety that exudes extravagance with its multi-layered petals. The colours of Yaezakura blossoms range from the purest whites to deep, romantic pinks. 

Understanding these variations makes cherry blossom viewing even more enchanting. It turns a simple walk under the blossoms into an opportunity to appreciate the diversity of these celebrated flowers. If you’re a budding botanist, you’ll find yourself in paradise here. Or even if you’re someone who loves the beauty of nature, the world of cherry blossoms is sure to be a world of discovery.