Fun Facts About Taxis: Did You Know?


Taxi services, like Amsterdam taxi company, are the optimal sources of convenience. They can offer pick and drop facilities while respecting the constraints of time. Moreover, if applicable, they will take you effortlessly to your destination. However, they are not all about amenities. People oftentimes suffer from unpleasant experiences which withhold them from using these services again.

However, this is not the point here. While being unbiased, we are showing you the incredible fun facts of taxis, which you might have not known before. 

Here Are the Fun Facts about Taxis

Taxis Are Quite Old

Taxis are not recent inventions. If you remember, they have been around since your childhood. And, the popularity of these vehicles was quite high even in that time. This means, they might be facilitating people for some time. We found out that 1897 was the year when they started operating in Stuttgart. Gottlieb Daimler was the person to introduce the first gasoline-powered cab.

Next city was Paris, in 1899, when the taxis began their operations. These services went on to be inaugurated in London and New York, in 1903 and 1907, respectively. 

Cleanliness of Taxis in Japan

Japanese take care of the cleanliness of taxis. In fact, they keep these vehicles very clean. The level of taxi service in that country is actually very high due to which one can expect the higher prices too. However, these attributes do not hinder the customer service and clients are charged fairly as per their rides.  

This way, the customers can have a very pleasant traveling experience. They have dedicated cars and large seating which allows people to sit comfortably, particularly in the backseat. Anyone visiting Japan can consider their taxi services. 

The French Word ‘Taximeter’

According to a source, the word ‘taxi’ was extracted from a French term, taximeter. The latter means the meter which is utilized in calculating the fares in former taxicabs. Although this emits a different meaning, it eventually became a word for the service itself. 

Moreover, another source cited that taximeter has a connection with some German words, taxameter and taxanom. The meanings like scale of charges, charges and tax also have the association with the aforementioned words. 

Susie Medford

1925 was the year when the first female taxi driver emerged. Her name was Susie Medford and this happened in New York City. This was a huge step in the evolution of humankind as there were no female taxi drivers before. Hence, she is responsible for creating a path for future ladies in terms of a career in the taxi service industry.

Unfortunately, there are still not many lady drivers in this business. As per an article, only 3% of such drivers are women. Even in recent years, no development is seen in this regard. 


Taxis are very popular for tourism. People visiting from another country value such services, like airport transfers Amsterdam. There are so many facilities like safety, professionalism and even the selection for luxury cars, which make their travel more comfortable. Also, there are personalization experiences and one can make as many stops as required. 

In order to pick a safe ride, you, as a tourist, should investigate first about the reliable options of taxis. There will be plenty of taxi service providers in one country and you cannot blindly trust all of them. Refer to the experiences of their clients or customers to determine whether they are apt for you or not.

Taxi Colors

One thing might confuse you is the variation in taxi colors. These shades usually vary country to country or maybe depending on the taxi companies. White, yellow and black are the well-famed colors in the taxi industry, while the latter two are prevailing in Asia and Europe.

Some of the other taxi colors include silver, green, blue, red, orange, beige, pink and purple. Some regions around the world go for different hues for dreamlike photo opportunities. For example, there are only 2 countries that use purple as the color of their taxis. 


Taxis give interesting, and somehow safe rides. They are famous too, among both locals and tourists. In fact, the latter finds taxi services quite useful. The list of taxi fun facts includes the name of the first female taxi driver too, who was Susie Medford. She surely paved the path for future women professionals in this industry.

Moreover, taxis have different colors, most probably depending on the countries or companies. For instance, there are purple taxis, however, only in two countries. Alternatively, the most used ones are in white color. Furthermore, the invention of this service happened in 1897 in Stuttgart. Afterwards, the operations of this service began in Paris, London and New York. 

Japan values the cleanliness of taxis. They are careful and professional regarding this aspect, due to which the visitors can expect high-quality services alongside hefty prices. 

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