Best Beaches In Texas

Best Beaches In Texas

Texas has 370 miles of shoreline with greenish waters, moreover providing enough opportunities for beach vacations. If you are going to visit Texas for the first time and want to know about the beaches, here we will mention some best beaches in Texas. You can visit these beaches whether you are going to visit Texas with your family or with your friends. So, below you can read the list of beaches in Texas that will amaze you and make your trip to Texas more memorable.

San José Island

Travelers who want to see San José Island’s stunning look will have to take a brief boat trip from Port Aransas. Tourists can only reach the sands underneath the plant barrier on the island’s 21-mile-long clean shoreline. However, there is much to do on the beaches. Bird watching, collecting seashells, and fishing are all common pastimes. Constantly check out for turtles when diving or fishing off the island’s shoreline; the sea life is frequently seen in the region. So, San José Island has one of the best beaches in Texas.

Surfside Beach, TX

It’s no surprise that the coastline is the main appeal in this tiny area. The water level at Surfside Shore makes for ideal surfers, kayaking, and yachting opportunities. Whenever you’re not inside the ocean, the clean surroundings and soft sand of the coastline offer a great atmosphere for sleeping or sitting down. A fisherman beach and a splashing platform with water storage attractions are also available at the shoreline. So, Surfside Beach, TX is another amazing beach in Texas that you can visit and enjoy the atmosphere here. 

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

The Colorado River travels through Texas for further over 800 miles before spilling into the Gulf coast. The area spans 2 miles of ocean, with picnicking, swimming, and fishing among the accessible pastimes. Horse riding on the seashore and bird watching on the park’s coastlines are further options for visitors. The parks department gives inflatable kayaks, chairs, and beach trolleys to guests on rent who don’t have their own beaches stuff. So, Matagorda Bay Nature Park has another one of the best beaches in Texas. 

Lighthouse Beach

Despite the fact that the beachfront at Lighthouse Beach is presently blocked due to Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, the famous beachfront is still worth a visit. Young kids can use the splashing pad on the seashore, whereas bigger adults and children could surf here. Nature fans will enjoy taking a brief walk along the beach’s pathway, which also serves as a waterfowl habitat. Visitors can stay here to get a deeper connection to the natural wildlife. So, Lighthouse Beach is another beach in Texas that you must visit.

Mustang Island

Mustang Island, a small island, is a popular beach resort for couples and energetic visitors. On this shore, surfing and picnicking are famous activities, while kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding are available on Mustang Island as well. You must visit Mustang Island too if you are going to Texas, and it will boost your fun. 

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