The 10 Best Adventure Activities In Pattaya

One of the popular destinations to visit in Thailand is Pattaya. Well-known as a fantastic beach destination, Pattaya beaches have a crystal-clear sea with gorgeous natural surroundings. It is a location renowned for its vast natural scenery, sandy tropical islands and colourful nightlife. Apart from sightseeing, the location is ideal for seeking adventure activities. Visit Pattaya and explore some of the best adventure activities on your holiday trip.

If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, make sure to venture out on some of the thrilling activities available to visitors. Read more to find out about the various adventure spots in Pattaya.

  • Ziplining
  • Scuba Diving
  • Flyboarding
  • Parasailing
  • Bungy Jumping
  • AVT Ride
  • Wakeboarding
  • Jet Ski
  • Pattaya Nightlife
  • Trekking


One of the most popular adventure activities in Pattaya is ziplining. As you zoom across the spectacular scenery of the lush green jungle, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Pattaya. To enjoy the best zip lining experience in Pattaya, visit the Khao Kheow Open Zoo and enjoy the Pattaya tour package with your family and friends.


Scuba Diving

Who wouldn’t love underwater exploration? Scuba diving is all about the amazing coral reefs, the diverse marine life and the clear seawater. As you enjoy your Pattaya holiday trip, get a chance to explore the stunning marine life in Pattaya.


The sensation of flying like a free bird when using a flyboard on the sea is a unique experience that you can enjoy when you visit Pattaya. Divers and swimmers visit Pattaya just to enjoy this thrilling activity. Visit Bang Lamung in Pattaya to enjoy the exotic flyboard experience.


One of the most adventurous activities that kindle fun and thrill is parasailing. This recreational activity would love to fly above the sea while experiencing the beautiful landscape of Pattaya. If you love scuba diving, then definitely make sure to enjoy parasailing in your Pattaya travel itinerary.


Bungy Jumping

If you are one of those daring adventure seekers, then you should try bungy jumping on your visit to Pattaya. As you Bungy jump from a 60-meter-high platform over a lake, you will experience an unforgettable thrill. So, hurry up and get ready to venture on the most adventurous experience of your life.

AVT Ride

Join the tranquil Pattaya countryside for an ATV ride to experience the peace of nature away from the bustle of the city. While you enjoy your ride through the forest, explore the serene natural beauty of Pattaya. AVT rides allow the experience of both adventure and the tranquility of the peaceful atmosphere.


Another recreational activity that can be enjoyed in Pattaya is wakeboarding. This offers the greatest experience of cutting through the massive ocean’s waves at a speed of thirty to forty kilometres per hour. Given the magnificent view around the island, you, as an adventurer, would enjoy the infinite beauty of Pattaya.

Jet Ski

This thrilling experience allows you to race against the powerful ocean currents and tides on a fast watercraft, allowing the waves to shoot through the air and cross the water. Nothing can make it more thrilling than enjoying this ride with your friends. So, plan your trip to Pattaya with your friends and enjoy the exotic adventures during your stay.

Jet Ski


Looking for the top trekking routes in Pattaya? Whether you are on a family vacation or a romantic journey, trekking is one of the best adventure activities to do in Pattaya. As you walk down the grumpy roads, you will be able to experience some of the breathtaking scenic views in Pattaya.

Pattaya Nightlife

Every visitor to Pattaya would undoubtedly want to enjoy the fascinating island nightlife. Your nightlife in Pattaya would be filled with endless enjoyment as the whole place is filled with vibrant music and lights. This energetic ambience will make your holiday trip more fun than ever. If you are planning to visit Pattaya on a holiday trip make sure to enjoy the exotic nightlife experience.

Pattaya Nightlife

So, what are you waiting for? These are some of the must-try activities to be included in your Pattaya trip. Select your desired Pattaya packages at Pickyourtrail and grab the amazing chance to visit the awesome destination.